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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes/Additions to Catalog

 Changes since the catalog was published:


College of Arts and Sciences

The Astronomy Minor, approved in June 2010 to begin in fall 2010, has been added under Physics and Astronomy.

Biology  - CHEM 2010/11 was added as required courses for the Biochemistry concentration in Biology. This was to correct an error.

Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music - BLUE 3710 - prerequisites now are BLUE 2710 or 2720.

Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies - name change

Departments of English and Foreign Languages - now the Department of Literature and Language.

Beginning Spring, 2011, the B.A. in Foreign Languages will no longer include a portfolio.

Geology -  added GEOL 3000, Volcanology, effective spring 2011.

History -  statistics and social sciences requirements mistakenly carried over from the BS/SBS requirements were deleted and hours adjusted accordingly.

Physics - corrections: the minimum credit hours of study is 37, not 34; PHYS 4018 was added to thelist of electives. The course sequences were changed: MATH 2010 moved from second semester sophomore year to second semester freshman year; MATH 2120 added to second semester sophomore year; Electives in second semester junior year replaced with PHYS 3410. In the minor, the wording for electives was corrected to read any 3000-4000 level course except PHYS 4850.

Political Science - the 3 hours of Research and Design were removed; contact information changed to Dr. Rebecca Keeler; PHIL 4957 changed to PHIL 3150 in Legal Studies Minor electives; MGMT 3333 corrected to 3330.



College of Business and Technology

Department of Accountancy -  new web address (

Department of Economics - new web address



The following sentence was included in error and has been removed: 
Students enrolling in more than a full-time course load receive the benefit of additional coursework at no additional cost.

October 2015

English Additional Information:

Credit from the 3000 or higher level must include a genre course and either a language course or literary criticism. Words “or higher” were added to clarify the requirements.


February 2016

Added to Degree and Graduation Requirements:

(Note: Beginning in summer 2016 undergraduate students, including transfer students, will no longer be required to complete proficiency-intensive course requirements.   Instead, students will gain the proficiencies throughout their programs of study.  This change will apply to all students entering ETSU in summer 2016 or thereafter and also to students on earlier catalogs.  Students will not have to switch to the new catalog for the change to apply to them.)