Jul 18, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes/Additions to Catalog

Changes since the catalog was published:

Undergraduate Catalog

Graduation Requirements - Double Degree section:  “Students may concurrently receive double or multiple undergraduate degrees at a single degree level by satisfying the total requirements for each degree (e.g., B.A., B.S., B.B.A., etc.) and major.   ADDED: “Students earning double degrees are not required to have minors.”  (Approved by Academic Council and by the President on April 27, 2017).

Policies and Procedures - Enrollment of Persons with Disabilities and Persons Over 60 Years of Age section:  A. Disabled persons who are domiciled in Tennessee and who have a permanent disability which totally incapacitates them from employment and persons 60 years of age or older may audit courses without the payment of regular maintenance fees. The student is responsible for any course or online fees associated with the class. B. Disabled persons described above and persons 65 years of age or older who are domiciled in Tennessee, may enroll for credit without the payment of regular maintenance fees. The student is responsible for a service fee required to defray the cost of record keeping and any course or online fees associated with the class. ADDED: C. In order to address capacity issues for studio art courses a permit will be required for enrollment.

Social Work: Removed SOWK 4457 from Social Work minor (course was approved for the major only).

Psychology: added the Health Professions concentration and deleted the Behavioral Neuroscience and Cognitive Science concentrations which will be phased out by 2020.

Psychology Health  Professions concentration (BS|BA) remove PSYC 4607 and replaced with PSYC 4407, course number was an error in the proposal.

August 2017

Psychology: Added “grade requirement of C- or better” note to PSYC core requirements for BA & BS; all concentrations. Supposed to have been included as reflected in 2015-2016 catalog. 

September 2017

Advising and Registration tab: Under subsection Advisement required for most students, added University Advisement Center hyperlink to their website http://www.etsu.edu/uac/

Theatre Minor: Updated department contact information and address. Changed all “Division of” to “Department of”. 

Dance Minor: Updated department contact information and address. Changed all “Division of” to “Department of”.

Theatre Major: Updated link to Student handbook under Additional information to reflect new link. 

Africana Studies Minor: Removed “upper division” from additional 9 credit hours line per Marsh Grube.

Updated education and experience information for Accountancy faculty to for Lana Becker, Michelle Freeman, and Anthony Masino. Removed Murray Anthony and Robert Morgan from Faculty & Administration page and they no longer instruct at university. 

Literature & Language: Updated Applied Spanish: Community Studies Minor advisor information from Dr. Ardis Nelson to Liv Detwiler. Updated Foreign Language Majors-all concentrations and German, French and Spanish minors advising contact for students with 60 or more earned credits from Dr. Katrina Heil to Dr. Matthew Fehskens. 

Technical Writing Minor: Updated Additional Note to “No more than 1 (one) English course required for a student’s English major may also be applied for the minor.”

Film Studies Minor: Removed Dr. Stanton McManus from Faculty & Administrators page. Replaced Dr. McManus from Film Studies Minor to Dr. Ken Hall as contact. 

Psychology (Health Professions concentration) B.A. & B.S.: updated concentration credit hour requirement to 43-46 credit hours. Removed PSYC 1310 from note as suggested Gen Ed course. Added Electives: 0-4 credit hours to overall major requirements.

Dental Hygiene Online Degree Completion: changed from 121 to 120 overall credit hours per Marsh Grube.

Psychology: Removed note from Gen Ed Natural Science regarding Behavioral Neuroscience from Child Psychological Science Concentration, B.A. and Health Professions Concentration, B.A.

October 2017

Biology Major (Secondary Education Track)-Corrected Additional Requirements: Math required from MATH 1920 to MATH 1910 as it is in program proposal.

THEA 1810 title change from Freshman Theatre Seminar to Theatre Foundations effective Spring 2018.

ENGL courses: Catalog description update effective Spring 2018. Courses affected: ENGL 1006, ENGL 1007, ENGL 1008, ENGL 1009, ENGL 1010, ENGL 1018, ENGL 1020, ENGL 1028, ENGL 2030, ENGL 2110, ENGL 2120, ENGL 2138, ENGL 2210, ENGL 2220, ENGL 2238, ENGL 2330, ENGL 2338, ENGL 2430, ENGL 2438

Communication Studies, B.A. & B.S.: Corrected Note under Major Course Requirements from 18 of 24 electives to 15 of 24 electives must be 3000/4000 level. Per Program Policy approval.

Pharmacy Studies: Major field core updated from 39 credits to 38 credits to reflect accurate count of course credit hours. Electives updated from 10-11 to 10-12 to reflect change.

Professional Studies (Information Technology Concentration): Added “or” to Files/Operating Systems: 3 credit hours course options. Students may choose one of the options listed.

Nursing: Removed NRSE 2350 and NRSE 2351 in Nursing Core Requirements for LPN-BSN Program from articulation credit hours note.

Religious Studies Minor: Changed “Other Approved courses” to “Advisor Approved Courses: 6 credit hours.” Also added “Any RELI course” as course option under Advisor Approved heading. Removed “or” from Advisor Approved courses.

Sociology Minor: “If a student is a Psychology major or Criminal Justice and Criminology major with a Sociology minor and has completed the research course in their major, SOCI 3210 may be substituted for an additional 3000 level SOCI course.” Note added per March Grube

ALHE 3050 Culture and Disability added to the catalog as a new course effective Spring 2018

ACCT 4610 updated to reflect no co-requisite and pre-requisites of ACCT 3020, ACCT 3320 per program proposal

ARTA 2202 pre-requisite course removed per program proposal

ARTA 2051 pre-requisites updated to ARTA 1110, 1201, 1204 per program proposal

December 2017

BLUE 2150: Entered back into BLUE minor program as it was removed in error.

January 2018

Early Childhood Development, BS removed (Early Childhood Development Concentration) and left (Early Care and Education concentration) to reflect name change.

February 2018

Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Minor- Removed “Guided Electives: 3 credit hours” to reflect correct 21 credit hours total.

March 2018

Updated Computing Major and Computing Minor with approved Grade Requirement Policy

College of Nursing accreditation information updated.

April 2018

HSCI 3000-Pre-requisite courses updated from BIOL 1010/1011 to BIOL 1110/1111 to appropriately reflect approved proposal.

June 2018

Policy added back to Policies and Procedures section as required “Responding to Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Incidents”

“Honor Code” added back to Policies and Procedures section as required.