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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Notification of Changes

Brand and New Media Strategy Program: Removed admission to program and graduation information from Brand and New Media Strategy.

ACCT 4320 replaced ACCT 4310 in the Foundation Courses for M.Acc.

August 2017

Clinical Nutrition: Add “Advanced Standing Option: 29 credit hours” under Total Requirements as was indicated on initial proposal

Update Professional Studies, M. P. S. (Strategic Leadership Concentration) and (Training and Development Concentration) Graduate Coordinator to Julie Fox-Horton, Ph. D. email:

Criminal Justice: CJCR 5900 updated from Special Problems in Criminal Justice ( 3 credits) to CJCR 5900: Independent Study in Criminal Justice (1-3 credits) per Dr. Grube

September 2017

Removed and replaced Graduate Council 2017-18 members: Guillermo Mendoza replaced Jennifer Barber for Graduate Student Representative, Craig Wassinger, PhD. replaced Michelle Lee, Ph.D. for College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Jon Ellis, Ph.D. replaced Nicole Prior, Ph.D. for College of Arts and Sciences, Jean Hemphill, Ph.D. replaced Kenneth Phillips, Ph.D. for College of Nursing

Nursing: Added application deadlines for all Nursing majors and concentrations

Sports Science and Coach Education: Removed application deadline and program admitting only to fall note to Strength and Conditioning Concentration only

Accountancy: Removed Murray Anthony and Robert Morgan from Accountancy M.Acc faculty listing. Added Lana Becker, Michelle Freeman, and Anthony Massino. Added Becker, Freeman and Massino to Graduate Faculty, Coordinators, Council & University list

Nursing: Revised Program Admission Requirements for DNP program all concentrations step 7 specifying “…writing sample to School of Graduate Studies at time of application…”

Nursing: Removed Dr. Myra Clark as Interim Doctor of Nursing Practice. Updated Graduate Coordinators by concentration per School of Graduate Studies

Added Gainful Employment* to Economic Development Certificate and * to title of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Replaced Graduate Council voting member for College of Education from Janna Scarborough, Ph.D. to Brad Weese, Ph.D. 

Rural Health Graduate Certificate: Dr. Deborah Slawson removed from general program information

Education Media and Educational Technology, M.Ed.: Removed Lee Daniels as Graduate Coordinator and updated to Lori Meier, Ed.D., Graduate Coordinator

Health Care Management Graduate Certificate: Jennifer Hunt’s title updated and the mailing address for application materials updated

Advisory Committee: In Department and Graduation Requirements updated; “the committee chair must hold member or senior member status”

Psychology M.A., Experimental Psychology Concentration: Updated PSYC 5801 note to reflect (repeatable, to be taken two times for 2 6 credits)

SOWK 5205 title change from Social Work Research I to Social Work Research

SOWK 5303 title changed from Advanced Practice with Individuals to Advanced Practice with Individuals I

November 2017

Appalachian Studies, MA: Major field core research course options SOCI 5210, ENGL 5950, HIST 5950 and MALS 5400 were removed and replaced with APST 5950

PSYC 7900: Updated course variable from 1-3 credits, repeatable to 1-6 credits, repeatable.

Sports Science and Coach Education, MS (Applied Sport Science Concentration): Corrected Electives block from 63 (thesis) to the correct number of hours 3 (thesis).

Special Education, M.Ed. (High Incidence Concentration) and (Low Incidence Concentration): Removed SPED 5753 from both concentrations course list to replace with SPED 5301. Added (Take 2 times for a total of 2 credit hours) note to SPED 5825 course.

December 2017

Nursing, DNP ETSU-TTU: All concentrations: NRSE 6800 (repeat up to 7 credit hours) is added to reach correct total hours for core.

Nursing, DNP ETSU-TTU (Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Concentration) (BSN-DNP): Core content removed NRSE 6960 and replaced with NRSE 6860 to match program proposal.

Nursing, DNP ETSU-TTU (Executive Leadership Nursing Concentration) (BSN-DNP): Core content added NRSE 6800 (repeat up to 7 credit hours) to match program proposal.

Updated MCOM 5065 to SPCH 5065 and updated catalog description per program proposal. 

January 2018

Dual Degree Program policy: addition of fourth option “a doctoral program and a master’s program.” Approved by Academic council 3/9/17

February 2018

Clinical Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Studies, Graduate Certificate published to catalog effective Summer 2018

March 2018

Nursing, M.S.N. (Nursing Administration Concentration)-Removed NRSE 5220 to replace with NRSE 5520. Typo and cofirmed from program proposal.

Public Health, Graduate Certificate and Community College Leadership, Graduate Certificate programs added to Gainful Employment designation.

May 2018

Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate- Removed “Gainful Employment” information. This certificate is not a Gainful Employment certificate.

November 2018

Nursing, Post-DNP Certificate, Executive Leadership in Nursing: Additional note to NRSE 5500 of (repeatable for a total of 7 credits) as reflected in CPS proposal. Implementation date Fall 2015.

February 2019

Psychology M.A./Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology Concentration): PSYC 5825 moved from Psychology, M.A. core requirements to Psychology, Ph.D. core requirements as reflected in CPS proposal Fall 2017 as this was not completed in error. 

NRSE 5612: Removed from course description listing as it is not a valid course. Indicated incorrectly on ETSU-TTU DNP (Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP) CPS proposal from August 2017. Correct course is NRSE 5610. 

March 2019

Under the Policy and Procedures section, Complaint Policy and Procedures for Students, changed Special Assistant to the President for Equity and Diversity/Affirmative Action Director to Chief Equity Compliance Officer.  Links to the forms in this section were also updated.