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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

New to the Catalog

Amphitheatre/Culp Dance 

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New to the 2022-2023 Catalog

New Concentration

B.B.A Marketing (Entrepreneurship)

B.B.A Finance  (General Finance)

B.S. Biology (Biomedical Sciences)

B.S. Health Science (Biomedical Sciences)

B.S\B.A. Communication Studies (Storytelling)

B.S\B.A. Communication Studies (Communication Studies)

New Degrees

B.B.A. Supply Chain Management with concentrations in:

  • Supply Chain Leadership
  • Supply Chain Marketing and Demand Management
  • Supply Chain Operations and Analytics

New Minors

Audio Production

Jazz Studies 

Fine and Performing Arts Honors Studies 

Undergraduate Certificate in Brewing and Distillation Studies

Ethics Minor

Program Revision

B.S. Health Sciences (non-substantive revision) - Update courses 

B.S. Microbiology (non-substantive revision) - Update courses

B.M. Music (non-substantive revision) - Update to courses in various concentrations

B.A. Music (non-substantive revision) - Name changes and update of requirement in the concentrations

B.A. Music, Theory/Composition Concentration (substantive revision) - Significant update of the requirements in the concentration

B.S.E.D. Elementary Education (non-substantive revision) - Removal of the pathway option

B.S. Sport and Recreation Management, Sport Management Concentration (substantive revision)- Significant update of courses

B.S. Public Health, Community Health Concentration (non-substantive revision) - A new course, EPID 3040  replaces EPID 3080 Principles of Epidemiology.

B.S. Nutrition (substantive revision) -Update curriculum with new requirements

B.A./B.S. Communication Studies (substantive revision) - Update curriculum to created new concentrations 

B.S. Computing (non-substantive revision) - Add CSCI 4800 to the core for all concentrations and other minor changes

B.S. Computing (Information Systems Concentration) (substantive revision) - Add a new Emphasis Healthcare Management and Analytics

B.B.A. Management (substantive revision) - Created a core for the major andr eorganized the curriculum

B.B.A. Core Requirements (substantive revision)  - Add BADM 1130 to the core

B.B.A. Finance (all concentrations) (substantive revision) -  Created a core for the major and established a new concentration 

B.S.E. Engineering TTU/ETSU (non-substantive revision) - Updated the curriculum

B.A. Theatre (Musical Theatre Concentration) (non-substantive revision)- Update of the course in the concentration

Academic Minor Revision

Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music Studies Minor - Update courses

Advertising Minor - replace ADVR 2070 with MCOM 3500: Audience Insights.

Communication Studies Minor - Add a new primary skills block and update the minor requirements

Music Minor  - Updated courses

Computing Minor -  update  specific residency requirement  of a minimum of 9 credits at ETSU in the Department of Computing.

Finance Minor - 3 finance courses were added to the core and accounting options were removed.

 Program Policies

B.S. Computing (graduation) 

B.S. Engineering (graduation) 

B.S.N. Nursing (admission)

B.S.E.D., Elementary Education; B.S., Early Childhood Development Pre-K-3 (Pre-K-3 Concentration); B.S., Special Education; B. S., Kinesiology Major (Physical Education K-12 Concentration); Secondary Education: Teacher Preparation Minor (admission) 

Articulation Agreements

B.S.W. Social Work and B.S. Psychology 

B.S. Health Science and Pharmacy 3+1 Program (agreement) revised