Nov 30, 2023  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes/Additions to Catalog

 Changes since the catalog was published:

Advertising Major was corrected. ADVR 3750 was incorrectly listed as a required course and has been replaced by ADVR 4730.

CHEM 2010/11 was added as required courses for the Biochemistry concentration in Biology. This was to correct an error.

The Natural Sciences listing in Computing Majors was corrected. These majors are not allowed to use sciences for non-science majors. Aug. 2014

To correct an oversight, PSCI 3900 was added the the Comparative Listing. August 2014


October 2015

English Additional Information:

Credit from the 3000 or higher level must include a genre course and either a language course or literary criticism. Words “or higher” were added to clarify the requirements.

October 2015

The following was added for clarification to all MCOM majors:

At least 72 hours of a student’s degree must be completed in non-mass communication courses (i.e., courses that do not begin with MCOM, ADVR, JOUR, PUBR or RTVF). Students must also complete a minor in a department of their choosing. A 2.0 grade point average must be obtained in the major, the minor, overall, and in all courses taken at ETSU in order to graduate. Prior to graduation, students must also complete a major field test in addition to the standard University exit examination.

Select three (3) courses from any non-required course from MCOM, ADVR, JOUR, PUBR, or RTVF in conjunction with your advisor as an elective.


February 2016

Added to Degree and Graduation Requirements: (Note: Beginning in summer 2016 undergraduate students, including transfer students, will no longer be required to complete proficiency-intensive course requirements.   Instead, students will gain the proficiencies throughout their programs of study.  This change will apply to all students entering ETSU in summer 2016 or thereafter and also to students on earlier catalogs.  Students will not have to switch to the new catalog for the change to apply to them.)