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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Graduate Studies

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P.O. Box 70720
Phone: (423) 439-4221
Web address: https://www.etsu.edu/gradschool/

The School of Graduate Studies currently offers 15 master’s degrees, covering a wide range of academic disciplines, as well as the Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.), the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.), the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), the Doctor of Sport Physiology and Performance, and the Doctor of Science in Nursing (Ph.D.) degrees. In addition to these degree programs, ETSU offers graduate certificates in: Advanced Nursing Practice, Epidemiology, Gerontology, Health Care Management, Business Administration, E-Business, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Archival Studies, and Emerging Technology.

Specific degree and certificate program requirements are found in the Graduate Catalog. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, a student may take courses in a degree program or as a non-degree graduate. Undergraduates are welcome to apply for admission during their final year of coursework and can be admitted contingent upon completion of the undergraduate degree.

Graduate Program Specialists

Each graduate program or major is represented by a Graduate Program Specialist who is prepared to assist students with all aspects of the graduate process, from admission through graduation. If you have questions or would like to explore options for graduate study, please contact the appropriate program specialist listed below. Non-degree student applications are processed by Jennifer Brothers, brothersj@etsu.edu, (423) 439-4707.

Shella Bennett

(423) 439-4708

Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology.

Rickie Carter

(423) 439-6165 

Appalachian Studies, Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.), Brand and Media Strategy, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Communication and Storytelling Studies, and four (4) certificate programs: Appalachian Studies, Film Production, Storytelling, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Angela Edwards

(423) 439-4703

Art, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Geosciences, History, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, and two (2) certificate programs: Forensic Document Examination and Geographic Information System.

Fiona Goodyear

(423) 439-6148

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (TN eCampus), Counseling, Early Childhood Education M.A. and Ph.D., School Librarianship, Elementary and Secondary Education, Human Services, Reading, Special Education, Sport Management, Sport Science and Coach Education, Teacher Education M.A.T., and nine (9) certificate programs: School Library Professional, Early Childhood Special Education, High Incidence Disabilities, Low Incidence Disabilities, and Response to Intervention, STEM, Athletic Administration, Early Childhood Education Emergent Inquiry, and Instructional Design.

Marc Tucker

(423) 439-6590

Business Administration, M.B.A., Accounting, Digital Marketing, all degrees in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, and two (2) certificate programs: Community College Leadership, and Community Leadership.

Alondra Robbins

(423) 439-4302

Environmental Health, Physical Therapy, Public Health, Global Sport Leadership, and nine (9) certificate programs: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Gerontology, Global Health, Health Care Management, Public Health, and Rural Health.

Michele Lamb

(423) 439-4431

Allied Health, Business Administration Graduate Certificate, Clinical Nutrition, Social Work, Technology, and one (1) certificate program: Clinical Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Studies.

Jessimine Strauss

(423) 439-6158

Nursing Programs (including M.S.N., D.N.P., Joint TTU D.N.P., Post-Master’s and Post-Doctorate Certificates), Sports Physiology and Performance PhD, Liberal Studies, Professional Studies and two (2) certificate programs: Archival Studies and Reinforcing Education through Artistic Learning.

Application for Graduate Study

Any student wishing to take graduate courses, whether degree seeking or non-degree, may submit a traditional paper application or an electronic application. Paper applications are available in the Graduate Office, located at 309 Burgin Dossett Hall, and will be mailed on request. Electronic applications are available at the Graduate School website: https://www.etsu.edu/gradschool/forms.php

Both paper and electronic formats contain complete instructions and requirements for admission.

Non-Degree Students

Students who wish to take graduate coursework but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree should apply for admission as Graduate Non-Degree students. Graduate Non-Degree classification is limited to those students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and who wish to take graduate-level classes. All Graduate Non-Degree applicants must provide official transcripts verifying that they have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and must receive approval to register from the chair or graduate coordinator of the appropriate department. All questions regarding non-degree status should be directed to (423) 439-4221.

Advanced Admission for Undergraduates

A senior lacking no more than nine credits for graduation at East Tennessee State University may petition to register for graduate courses during the final semester of undergraduate enrollment. The petition form is available in the Graduate Office. The following stipulations apply:

  1. Student must be within 9 credits of completion of the undergraduate degree at ETSU.
  2. The total course load for a senior enrolled for graduate coursework may not exceed 12 credits.
  3. Student must meet the undergraduate grade point average required in his or her specific program.
  4. Undergraduate degree must be completed during the semester in which the student is allowed to register for graduate work.

Graduate Catalog

The School of Graduate Studies issues a Catalog which includes detailed information about graduate program offerings and requirements for admission. The online Catalog is available at: https://www.etsu.edu/reg/catalog/graduate.php

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