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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business and Technology

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College of Business and Technology

It is the vision of the College of Business and Technology to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality education in the applied sciences, business, and technology in the region. In its desire to fulfill this vision, the college defines its mission as providing quality education and promoting and supporting economic and technical development in our region. The college is comprised of six departments, divided into two divisions: Business and Technology. The Business division has three departments: Accountancy; Economics and Finance; and Management and Marketing. The Technology division has three departments: Computer and Information Sciences; Military Science; and  Engineering Technology, Surveying and Digital Media.

Accredited by:
AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

In the business disciplines, undergraduate students develop an understanding of (1) the economic, social, legal, political, and technological environments that influence our society, (2) the significant functions of all private- and public-sector business organizations, and (3) a specialized area of expertise within the field of business. The importance of a broad educational background is emphasized.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) curriculum includes general education requirements in the liberal arts and sciences, core requirements, and major program requirements.

Five undergraduate majors and several concentrations leading to the B.B.A. degree are available. The majors are accountancy, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Concentrations within some of the majors include business economics, general business and economics, corporate finance and investments, banking, real estate, human resources management, logistics/supply chain management, general management, legal studies, integrated marketing communications, marketing management, and merchandising.

Also offered is the Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Economics, which is a non-business degree. A concentration in International Commerce is also available under the B.A. in Economics.

Business students may also pursue graduate study in accountancy, business, economics, and law. In addition, the college provides the opportunity and environment for faculty research and service to the business community.

Course Level Requirements – All 1000- and 2000-level (lower division) courses should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. All students enrolling in 3000- and 4000-level (upper division) Business courses must have junior- or senior-level standing and have completed prerequisite courses.

Major – Students in business meet the requirements for their major by completing the courses listed under their major program.

Entering business students are classified as pre-business (PBUS) until the Special Requirements are met (see Special Admission Requirements for College of Business and Technology B.B.A. Majors on the next page). Prior to the completion of 60 semester credit hours, each student planning to pursue a B.B.A. will be classified as a pre-business student. At the beginning of the junior year, each qualified business student must select a specific major within the college. Qualified students who do not apply for a specific major will be assigned a major in economics with a concentration in general business and economics. See the special admission requirements for business undergraduate majors.

At least 50 percent of the B.B.A. core requirements and major program requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree must be earned at East Tennessee State University.

All business B.B.A. majors are required to complete the curriculum outlined below.

All business graduates must earn a minimum 2.0 overall GPA in all business core requirements and in all major program requirements, including work at ETSU and transfer work.

Seniors must successfully complete the Senior Business Exam (SBE) prior to registering for the capstone course MGMT 4910 - Policy and Strategy Formulation . The SBE is administered in October and March.

Special Admission Requirements for (College of Business and Technology) B.B.A. Majors

  1. Each student planning to pursue the B.B.A. degree in business must apply for admission to a business major upon completion of 60 credit hours. Application to a major is a one-time event and occurs as part of the student’s advising session in the Undergraduate Programs Office during the semester that the student expects to complete the pre-business coursework. The student must meet the following requirements to be  accepted into a major:
    1. The student must have attained a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5.
    2. The following English composition and mathematics courses of the General Education Requirements must have been successfully completed:
    3. The student must have completed and earned a grade of C or better in each of the following Business courses:
    4. College of Business and Technology students who are studying for a B.B.A. degree without a declared major are classified as prebusiness (PBUS) students. The PBUS classification ends after 75 hours. Students changing into the PBUS category from another major or transferring into ETSU from other institutions have until 75 hours or one calendar year from their major change/admission to complete the PBUS required courses.
  2. The B.B.A. Admissions Committee will review applications the week after final grades are posted and students will be notified of their status via email. Those students who are denied acceptance into a major will be notified of their academic deficiency and be allowed to cure the deficiency during the subsequent regular academic term. The student who fails to cure the academic deficiency during the subsequent regular academic term must pursue a major other than the B.B.A. at East Tennessee State University.

    Only in special cases will an application be considered past 75 hours of completed coursework. The college encourages and welcomes transfer students from other programs. In all instances, these students will be treated as special cases and an academic schedule will be proposed to each individual student that allows matriculation through the B.B.A. program in an appropriate manner. Progression standards are subject to change. Current standards are always available in the Undergraduate Programs Office, 213 and 316 Sam Wilson Hall.

    Students who have been denied progression to a B.B.A. major may appeal to the Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Committee. Information on the appeal procedures may be obtained in the Undergraduate Programs Office, 213 Sam Wilson Hall.

  3. These admission standards apply to all entering ETSU students, to ETSU students seeking to change from a nonbusiness to a business major, to students seeking to transfer from other institutions, and to students readmitted to ETSU.


Additional information regarding admissions and retention policies, as well as career opportunities in business, may be obtained in the college’s Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sam Wilson Hall.

Minor – A minor is not required for students who have B.B.A. majors.

Graduate Studies – The Business Division offers the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree, the Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.) degree, and the Accelerated Master of Business Administration (AMBA). Further information on graduate programs is contained in the School of Graduate Studies Catalog or may be obtained from the college’s Office of Graduate Studies in room 214, Sam Wilson Hall. Phone: (423) 439-5314.

Center for Banking – The Center for Banking conducts research and education programs for bank managers and for students with an interest in banking careers. Included are an internship program providing students with practical, on-the-job experience and a speakers program which brings banking and government officials to the classroom.

Business and Technology Career Services

College of Business and Technology (CBAT) Career Services is a full-service provider of career services exclusively meeting the needs of CBAT students and alumni. CBAT Career Services provides support for student and alumni professional development by helping them solidify career goals, learn and apply job search skills, and engage in experiential learning as part of an evolving professional vision.

Internship/Co-op Program

An Internship/Co-op Program is offered for business and technology students wishing practical experience in their major. Students must be degree-seeking business or technology majors with an overall GPA of 2.75 and have a GPA of 3.0 in their major coursework. In addition, students must also have declared a major in business or technology and successfully completed at least two courses in their majors before registering for an internship. Successful completion of the internship/co-op earns students one to three elective credits in their major.

A full listing of internship/co-op program requirements and processes can be found in the College of Business and Technology Internship/Cooperative Guide, which can be obtained in 210 Sam Wilson Hall or at www.etsu.edu/cbat/careerservices.

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