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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art Major, B.A. (Studio Art Concentration with non-art minor )

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 General Information

The Department of Art and Design recommends this degree for those students interested in specializing in studio art while pursuing the B.A. The B.A. in studio art is a liberal arts degree appropriate for the student who wishes to develop studio foundation skills, but desires the flexibility to take courses and minor (required) in another academic area. This degree prepares the student for a broad range of pursuits, including personal creativity, as a foundation for a related field of work, or for further study. Additionally, students who wish to pursue Art Education receive the BA in studio art, with a minor in Education.


Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in studio are encouraged to meet with an advisor or the chair of the department early in their program of study; advisors for B. A. students will be posted each semester.  B.A. students are required to complete a foreign language course numbered 2020 or above with a grade of C- or better. B.A. studio students must select ARTH 4067 or 4077 as one of the three 400-level art history courses required.

ETSU Academic Proficiency Requirements

Writing: Students must complete a minimum of four writing-intensive courses. At least two of these courses must be in the major field of study. At least two of the four courses must be at the  3000-4000 level.

Oral Communication: Students must complete a minimum of two oral communication-intensive courses. At least one of these courses must be in the major field of study.

Using Information Technology: Students must pass the information technology proficiency exam or successfully complete CSCI 1100 - Using Information Technology  during their first calendar year or prior to accumulating 33 semester credits at ETSU. In addition, students must complete at least one using information technology-intensive course in the major field of study.

Transfer students may be subject to reduced number of intensives.

See ETSU Academic Proficiency Requirements for details.

Studio Art Concentration with non-art minor

TBR General Education Requirements: 41-42 Credit Hours


*See the General Education Core Requirements  for options.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements: 6 Credit Hours *


Art Major Requirements: 15 Credit Hours


*Satisfies TBR General Education Core Requirement .

Studio Art Concentration Requirements: 34 Credit Hours

  • Four 2000-level studio courses (12 credits)
  • Two 4000-level Art History courses with one selected from either ARTH 4067  or ARTH 4077  (6 credits)
  • Five 3000- and 4000-level studio courses (15 credits)
  • One ARTA Studio elective (1 credit)

Minor Requirement (Non-Art Area): 18-21 Credit Hours

Electives: 0-3 Credit Hours

Total Hours Required for Degree: 120 Credit Hours

Additional Information

Click here for Suggested Course Sequence for Studio Art .

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