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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s Studies Minor

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Women’s Studies Minor Program Information

Department of Literature and Language

P.O. Box 70262
Phone: (423) 439-4125
Web address: www.etsu.edu/cas/litlang/wsp

Director: Dr. Phyllis Thompson
email: thompsop@etsu.edu

Women’s Studies offers students an interdisciplinary education that examines social processes, history, culture, politics, health, media, and justice as they relate to women. This program of study promotes an increased awareness of gender issues and highlights the relationships between race, class, and gender. Courses are designed to help students develop philosophical and historical perspectives on gender, to appreciate women’s contributions to the arts, sciences, and humanities, and to make informed choices as individuals and professionals.

Women’s studies graduates are prepared to take leadership roles, particularly in positions that require training in women’s and diversity issues. Fields such as criminal justice, politics, health care, teaching, social work, communications, and activism all call for the knowledge and skills students attain through coursework in women’s studies. In any chosen career, women’s studies graduates serve as a progressive voice for change and equality.

Women’s Studies Minor Requirements: 21 credits

A minor is a secondary area of study outside of the major program of study with a structured curriculum composed of at least 18 credits of which at least 9 credits must be at the 3000-level or above.

Approved Electives: 15 credits

Choose five (5) courses from the following:

Women’s Studies Minor Electives


1 Students can count either HDAL 2340  (“Understanding Cultural Diversity”) or SOWK 1030  (“Cultural Diversity”) toward the minor, but not both.

2 Women’s Studies Emphasis sections are special sections of standard courses in various departments, typically General Education courses, which are designed and taught in ways that still meet their original course criteria within their own departments and within General Education, but also highlight female writers/theorists, women and gender issues, and/or feminist frameworks. These courses are designated by the Women’s Studies Steering Committee (WSSC), in consultation with instructors. Limit of 2.

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