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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Major, B.S. (Mathematics Education Concentration)

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Department Information

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

P.O. Box 70663
Phone: (423) 439-4349
Web Address: www.etsu.edu/cas/math/

The B.S. degree in mathematics has four concentrations. Students must complete general education and mathematics core requirements in addition to the specific requirements for one of the following concentrations:

  • Mathematics Education Concentration: Students planning to teach mathematics at the secondary level should choose this concentration. In addition, such students must complete professional education requirements for secondary education students.

  • Statistics Concentration: Students planning to pursue careers in industry or a field that utilizes statistics should choose this concentration.

  • Computational Applied Mathematics Concentration: Students desiring a job in research or industry utilizing areas of mathematics other than statistics should choose this concentration.

  • Mathematical Sciences Concentration: Students intending to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics should choose this concentration.

A student who plans to major in mathematics is encouraged to 1.) Obtain a program sheet from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics which outlines the specific requirements for the selected program of study, 2.) Read the catalog to determine other requirements for the degree he/she is seeking, 3.) Work closely with an advisor. The student, and not the advisor, is responsible for knowing the program requirements for the particular degree he/she is seeking.


Students with 0-59 earned credits:

Contact the Center for Advisement and Student Excellence (CASE) to schedule an appointment with your advisor. Visit the CASE website www.etsu.edu/cas/case/ and call (423) 439-5602.

Students with 60 or more earned credits:

Computational Applied Mathematics Concentration
Contact Dr. Jeff Knisley knisley@etsu.edu; (423) 439-4716 or Dr. Michele Joyner joynerm@etsu.edu; (423) 439-6980

Mathematics Education Concentration:
Contact Dr. Daryl Stephens stephen@etsu.edu; (423) 439-6981 or Dr. Robert M. Price, Jr. pricejr@etsu.edu; (423) 439-5359

Mathematical Sciences Concentration:
Contact Dr. Robert Beeler beelerr@etsu.edu; (423) 439-4678 or Jamie McGill mcgillj@etsu.edu; (423) 439-6434

Statistics Concentration:
Contact Dr. Nicole Lewis lewiscn2@etsu.edu; (423) 439-5812 or Dr. Robert M. Price, Jr. pricejr@etsu.edu; (423) 439-4349

Transfer Students

Transfer students majoring in mathematics should contact the Center for Advisement and Student Excellence (CASE) for advising as soon as possible. This will ensure that the student’s previous work will be coordinated efficiently with ETSU requirements.

For general information about the department or courses, contact Dr. Robert Price, Department Chair at pricejr@etsu.edu or (423) 439-5359.

Degree Requirements: 120 credits

General Education 41-42 credits
Major Total Requirements 54-56 credits
     Major Core    (19 credits)
     Concentration    (24 credits)
     Additional Science Requirements    (8-10 credits)
     Other: Capstone    (3 credits)
Free Electives (22-24 credits)
TOTAL 120 credits

Suggested Four-Year Program of Study: MATH-BS (MMED)  

College of Arts and Sciences : Visit link to view the complete list of B.S. degree requirements.


General Education Requirements  

These requirements include earning 41-42 credits in Communication, Humanities and Fine Arts, Social and Behavior Sciences, History, Natural Sciences and Mathematics categories.

Major Specific courses listed in General Education Requirements:

Total Requirements for Mathematics Major: 54-56 credits

Additional Science Requirement: 8-10 credits

Students earning a BS in Mathematics must take 16-18 total credits in the Natural Sciences.

Choose one (1) of the following sequences to fulfill 8-10 credits:

Capstone: 3 credits

No Minor Required

Free Electives: 22-24 credits

Additional Information

Suggested minor: Secondary Education Minor  

Click here to view Degree and Graduation Requirements  for all ETSU students.

CSCI 1100  or Proficiency Exam: Must be completed to meet Bachelor’s Degree Requirements.

Licensure Certification: Students interested in pursuing a teacher licensure program for certification should contact the advisor in the Office of Student Services, 321 Warf-Pickel Hall, College of Education. Students will major in the subject they wish to teach and minor in Secondary Education .

Note: In order to complete the requirements for teacher certification students in the Mathematics Education Concentration may choose the Secondary Education Minor  which will include: MATH 4417 - Residency I: Teaching Secondary Mathematics .

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