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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Admission Requirements

In order to follow the articulated degree programs of study, students must meet admission requirements of, and be admitted by, the Gatton College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy program, the School of Graduate Studies, and College of Business and Technology MBA program. Students pursuing the PharmD/MBA articulated programs of study will be concurrently enrolled in both programs. Applicants must hold a bachelor degree or higher. Applications for the PharmD and MBA may be made at any time throughout the year.

Applications to the Gatton College of Pharmacy PharmD program must be made through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) at http://www.pharmcas.org/. Application requirements for the PharmD program are listed on the Gatton College of Pharmacy website at: www.etsupharmacy.com/

Applications to the MBA degree in the articulated programs must be made through the ETSU School of Graduate Studies and submit:

  • A School of Graduate Studies application to the MBA program, available through http://goldlink.etsu.edu
  • Payment of the School of Graduate Studies application fee
  • A personal essay of 150-300 words detailing the applicant’s reasons for pursuing the articulated PharmD/MBA programs

 Note: the GMAT is not necessary for entry into the PharmD/MBA program – it is replaced by the entrance examination for the PharmD program (PCAT).

Applicants seeking admission to the PharmD/MBA articulated degree programs, as part of the MBA admissions process, must send a letter to the Assistant Dean of Admissions of the Gatton College of Pharmacy, ETSU (Box 70414) to permit release of PharmCAS application to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies. Additionally, prior to beginning the MBA admissions process, applicants must send a letter to the MBA graduate coordinator (Box 70699) stating intentions to pursue the articulated degrees and discussing career goals.

Applicants to the PharmD/MBA will be considered on an on-going basis. Admission to one program does not imply, nor affect, admission to the other program. Admitted students will receive separate admission letters from the Gatton College of Pharmacy and the School of Graduate Studies. For Pharmacy students to be admitted and registered for classes in the MBA program, they must request that the College of Pharmacy send copies of their final transcripts and proof of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies. Students in the articulated degree programs will be held to the retention and graduation standards of each respective program. To be awarded both degrees, the students must complete the graduation requirements of both the PharmD and MBA degree programs. 


Below, an asterisk [*] represents MBA courses, with additional explanation shown in parentheses [()].

Year 1

Summer Between First and Second Year: 9 credits

Year 2

Winter Session: 3 credits †

Summer Between Second and Third Year: 13 credits

Year 3

Fall Semester: 19 credits

Year 4

Summer, Spring, and Fall: 40 credits

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