Jun 16, 2019  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Educational Leadership, Ed.S. (School System Leadership Concentration) (available online)

General Program Information

Graduate School Contact:

Pamela Scott, Ed.D., Graduate Coordinator
501 Warf-Pickel Hall
Box 70550
(423) 439-7618
e-mail: scottp@etsu.edu

William Flora; Virginia Foley; Pamela Scott.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis has as its primary purpose the graduate preparation of individuals who will serve as educational leaders in K-12 schools and other organizations/agencies that offer educational programs and services. Programs in the department are approved by the Tennessee Department of Education. Student programs are designed to develop educational leaders through the study and practical application of educational foundations, theory, research, and Practice.

Program Admission Requirements

(Currently in 18-19 catalog) Applications for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and to the Ed.S. program may be obtained by contacting the office of the School of Graduate Studies. All students must submit a resume as part of their application.

(From Admissions Page w/in catalog) An applicant seeking admission to the specialist in education degree must hold a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. The following must be submitted before an applicant will be considered for admission:

  1. Nonrefundable application fee.
  2. A completed application form.
  3. One official transcript from each undergraduate or graduate institution attended, except previous coursework taken at ETSU. Applications will not be considered without all transcripts.
  4. A personal essay.
  5. A photocopy of the teaching certificate.
  6. Four (4) letters of recommendation.

Matriculation Limits

(From Degree & Grad Req page) For the education specialist degree, the time limit is five (5) years from the date of enrollment in the earliest course applied toward the degree, including transferred courses.

Educational Leadership, Ed.S.

Students admitted to this concentration are members of a cohort with a planned sequence of courses comprised of six credits each fall, spring, and summer semester.

Field Experience

(Currently in 18-19 catalog) Field-based experiences will be required in a number of courses. Students enrolled in the Ed.S. program will be required to complete a major field project that results in a culminating experience such as the completion and presentation of an action research project, an evaluation project, or an in-depth study of a contemporary issue or practice in education. ELPA 6220 - Specialist Seminar  will provide a framework for the culminating experience. This seminar should not be taken before at least 24 credits have been completed in the Ed.S. program.

Educational Leadership, Ed.S. Degree Requirements: 31 credits

Core Requirements 7 credits
Concentration 24 credits
TOTAL 31 credits

School System Leadership Concentration: 24 credits

Must include twelve (12) credits within each of two (2) areas of specialization for a total of 24 credits.

Leadership Core: 7 credits
Supervision of Instruction Specialization: 6 credits
Guided Electives: 6 credits
Strategic Planning/Budgeting: 6 credits
Specialization Required Guided Electives: 6 credits