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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences and Pharmacy 3 + 1 Program

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Program Information

The mission of the Department of Health Sciences is to offer a quality educational experience which provides a fundamental knowledge of the basic sciences; to develop student communication skills; to foster enthusiasm for continued learning; to encourage a strong program of scholarly activities; and to promote a spirit of cooperation among members of the academic community and with the community-at-large.

The Department of Health Sciences, located in Lamb Hall, is a multidisciplinary department offering a variety of courses concerning those sciences relevant to or implicating the human body and human health, e.g. Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiological Sciences. The department offers a B.S. degree in Microbiology and a B.S. degree in Health Sciences. The department also offers an option of Health Sciences 3 + 1 year at Pharmacy doctorate program, where students can complete their B.S. degree in Health Sciences while they are in first year of Pharmacy doctoral program. In addition, department offers minors in Microbiology and Health Sciences. The department has a joint graduate program with the Department of Biological Sciences and offers a M.S. degree in Biological sciences with concentrations in Microbiology and Biomedical Sciences.

Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) at the Gatton College of Pharmacy (GCOP) requires at least two years of undergraduate studies. Approximately half of all students admitted to Gatton College of Pharmacy (GCOP) matriculate with an undergraduate degree. The 3 + 1 B.S. in Health Sciences option would allow students to complete the requirements for a B.S. in Health Sciences while enrolled in the PharmD program at GCOP. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates positive employment growth for pharmacists over the next ten years with an expected increase nationally of sixteen percent and Tennessee should increase growth by approximately seven percent. 


Dara Young
(423) 439-4458
Email: youngdc@etsu.edu
Website: https://www.etsu.edu/cph/faculty/youngdc.php

Admission Requirements

Students in the 3 + 1 degree program must meet admission requirements and apply to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program following the normal application process as detailed on the College of Pharmacy webpage https://www.etsu.edu/pharmacy/prospective_students/default.php). Students may be in the process of completing pharmacy prerequisite courses at the time of application, but must do so by the end of the spring semester preceding matriculation in the fall semester. Students will be encouraged to apply as Early Decision applicants, the deadline for which is the first Monday of September for the admission cycle (July 1-March 1). This assures students will receive an admission decision by mid-October, which will facilitate their ability to implement an alternate plan should the decision be negative.


Students pursuing the 3 + 1 degree option will be advised through the normal advising process for Health Science departmental majors. The GCOP Assistant Director for Enrollment will provide secondary advisement relative to preparation for pharmacy school. The GCOP advisor will meet with students each semester; the intent is to provide students with on-going assessment of their likelihood for admission to GCOP.  In addition, students will be encouraged to participate in the ETSU Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization, advised by a GCOP faculty member. Students deemed non-competitive for admission to GCOP will be referred to Health Sciences major advisors to develop an alternate plan to earn the B.S. Health Sciences degree.

3 + 1 Biology and Pharmacy Program Requirements: 120 credits

General Education 41 credits
Major Requirements 41 credits
Advisor Approved Electives 20 credits
Pharmacy Year 1 Requirements 18 credits
TOTAL 120 credits

Suggested Four-Year Program of Study: 3 + 1 Health Sciences  

General Education Requirements  

These requirements include earning 41-42 credits in Communication, Humanities and Fine Arts, Social and Behavior Sciences, History, Natural Sciences and Mathematics categories.

Major Specific courses listed in General Education Requirements:

Pharmacy Year 1 Requirements: 18 credits

  • PMUG 3116 - Human Physiology (5 credits)
  • PMUG 3122 - Pharmacy Calculations (2 credits)
  • PMUG 3133 - Pharmaceutics of Drug Delivery (3 credits)
  • PMUG 3202 - Immunology (2 credits)
  • PMUG 3204 - Pathophysiology: Concepts in Altered Health States (2 credits)
  • PMUG 3224 - Medicinal Chemistry (2 credits)
  • PMUG 3233 - Biopharmaceutics and Biotechnology (2 credits)

Additional Information

Click here to view Degree and Graduation Requirements  for all ETSU students.

CSCI 1100  or Proficiency exam: Must be completed to meet Bachelor’s Degree Requirements. 

Most minors range from 18-24 credits. Those few minors with more than 24 credits may affect the number of free electives allowed.

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