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2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Music, M.M. (Vocal Performance Concentration)

General Program Information

Dr. Steph Frye-Clark, Graduate Coordinator
Mathes Hall 210
phone: 423-439-4270

The East Tennessee State University Department of Music offers a Master of Music in Performance, Conducting (with emphases in Choral, Wind Band, or Orchestral), Composition, and Music Education (non-licensure). These degree programs are designed to prepare students for professional careers in music and for pursuing doctoral degrees. The courses are tailored to focus on student learning with practical, real-world objectives.  The application deadline for all concentrations is February 1. Incoming students are required to begin their studies in the fall semester, with no option to defer to the spring semester.

Faculty: Katelyn Adams, Logan Ball, Linda Barnett, Marianna Brickle, Jamie Buxton, Benjamin Caton, Jasmine Davis, Alison Deadman, Neal Endicott, Roya Farzaneh, Sarah Fellenbaum, Steph Frye-Clark, Brad Fugate, Max Geissler, Michelle Grosser, Heather Killmeyer, David Kovac, Paul Lessard, Timothy Loman, Brett Long, Marissa Mathia, Kathryn May, Joe Moore, Sun-Joo Oh, Jerilyn Paolini, Lisa Perry, Eva Polgar, Matthew Potterton, Lauren Ramey, Thomas Richardson, Brian Rodesch, Steve Sensenig, Karen Smith, Monica Song, Elliott Stanger, Alan Stevens, Alex Taub, Garrett Thomas, Justin Waller, Martin Walters, James West, Christian Zembower


Program Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements of the ETSU Graduate School, admission to the Department of Music for the Master of Music degree requires the following:

  1. Completed undergraduate degree in music.
  2. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  3. Specific requirements by concentration:
    1. Students pursuing a performance or conducting concentration must audition for ETSU music faculty. Audition will include components of sight reading and applicable technical skills.
    2. Students pursuing a composition concentration will submit a portfolio of compositions to be reviewed by faculty.
    3. Students pursuing the music education concentration will interview with faculty.

Matriculation Requirements:

Following an offer of admission, admitted students will need to take the following prior to matriculation to determine placement in core courses:

  • Music Theory diagnostic exam with a minimum score of 85% to enroll in either MUSC 5010 or 5011. Students that score less than 85% must take MUSC 5009 Introduction to Graduate Music Theory before enrolling in MUSC 5010 or 5011.
  • Musicology diagnostic exam with a minimum score of 85% to enroll in MUSC 5002. Students that score less than 85% must take MUSC 5001 Introduction to Graduate Musicology before enrollment in MUSC 5002.
  • MUSC 5009 or MUSC 5001 may be used to fulfill MUSC elective, but not both.

Music, M.M. Degree Requirements: 36 credits

Core 11 credits
Concentration 22 credits
Culminating Project 3 credits
Total 36 credits

Music Core Requirements: 11 credits

Vocal Performance Concentration: 22 credits

Culminating Project: 3 credits