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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Chemistry Major, B.S. and Pharmacy 3 + 1 Program

Program Information

The 3+1 Chemistry and Pharmacy Program allows students to complete a BS in Chemistry while also starting study toward the Doctor of Pharmacy. Those admitted into the program will take general education, chemistry, and other science courses during their first three years at ETSU that will prepare them for admission into the Gatton College of Pharmacy. Upon successful completion of the required first year pharmacy courses, the student will receive a BS in Chemistry (Chemistry Concentration).

Admission Requirements

Students in the 3+1 degree program must meet admission requirements for and apply to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program following the normal application process as detailed on the College of Pharmacy webpage ( Students may be in the process of completing pharmacy prerequisite courses at the time of application, but must complete them by the end of the spring semester preceding matriculation in the fall semester. Students will be encouraged to apply for Early Decision, the deadline for which is the first Monday of September for the admission cycle (July 1-March 1). This assures students will receive an admissions decision by mid-October, which will facilitate their ability to implement an alternative plan should the decision be negative.


Students pursuing the 3+1 degree option will be advised through the normal advising process for Chemistry majors. The GCOP Assistant Director for Enrollment will provide secondary advisement relative to preparation for pharmacy school. The GCOP advisor will meet with students each semester; the intent is to provide students with ongoing assessment of their likelihood for admission to GCOP. In addition, students will be encouraged to participate in the ETSU Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization, advised by a GCOP faculty member. Students deemed non-competitive for admission to GCOP will be referred to Chemistry major advisors to develop an alternative plan to earn the B.S. in Chemistry degree.

3+1 Chemistry and Pharmacy Program Requirements: 120 credits

Compass Core Curriculum

42 credits
Chemistry Major Core 14 credits
Concentration Requirements 11 credits
Additional Required Courses 8-10 credits
Free Electives 1-4 credits
3+1 Pre-Pharmacy Requirements 19-20 credits
Pharmacy Year 1 Requirements 22 credits
TOTAL 120 credits

Suggested Four-Year Program of Study: 3 + 1 Chemistry and Pharmacy Program  

College of Arts and Sciences : Visit link to view the complete list of B.S. degree requirements.

Compass Core Curriculum  

These requirements include earning 40-43 credits in Strengthening Foundations, Understanding Natural and Social Worlds, Exploring Connections, Cultivate Artistic Awareness, and Growing as an Individual and Global Citizen categories.

Major Specific courses listed in Compass Core Curriculum Requirements: 

Concentration Requirements: 11 credits

Free Electives: 1-4 credits

Pharmacy Year 1 Requirements: 18 credits

  • PMCY 1111 - Medical Biochemistry (2 credits) 
  • PMCY 1112 - Calculations (3 credits) 
  • PMCY 1211 - Principles of Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry (3 credits)
  • PMCY 1212 - Immunology & Microbiology (2 credits)
  • PMCY 1213 - OTC (3 credits)
  • PMCY 1214 - Pharmaceutics (includes DDS and BioPharmaceutics) (4 credits)
  • PMCY 1221 - Skills Lab I (1 credit)

Additional Information

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CSCI 1100  or Proficiency exam: Must be completed to meet Bachelor’s Degree Requirements. CSCI 1100  has arequired lab course, CSCI 1150 .

Most minors range from 18-24 credits. Those few minors with more than 24 credits may affect the number of free electives allowed.