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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

New Media Studio, M.A.

Graduate School Contact:
Gail Powers; powers@etsu.edu; 423-439-4703

Jonathan Hounshell, Graduate Coordinator
189 Media Center Room
Box 70552
e-mail: hounshel@etsu.edu

The Master of Arts in New Media Studio is a workforce-driven degree, providing students with a cross-disciplinary approach. Program coursework involves the convergence of art and technology with advanced digital graphics, animation, and media training. Students will take courses in both Art and Digital Media, and electives can be taken in other disciplines with Graduate Coordinator approval.

Program Admission Requirements

 Application deadline for fall semester: February 1.

The deadline for applications to the M.A. in New Media Studio is February 1 for fall admittance. All application materials must be sent to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies, Box 70720, Johnson City,TN 37614.

In addition to the materials required by the School of Graduate Studies, applicants for the M.A. in New Studio Art are required to submit the following to the School of Graduate Studies:

  • Statement of Purpose. This approximately 1000-1500 word essay describes the applicant’s goals for his or her graduate research and/or creative work. The committee uses this information to determine if faculty skills are a good match for the applicant’s interests and to see if the applicant’s agenda is reasonable;
  • Undergraduate Transcript. A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is recommended;
  • Must have three (3) letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf;
  • TOEFL scores (if applicable).

Additionally, applicants must submit an electronic portfolio to the M.A. New Media Studio graduate coordinator. The portfolio can take many forms: online, CD, DVD, Flicker, YouTube, etc. Emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity, and breakdowns should be provided if necessary. The quantity of work in the portfolio can vary with the applicant’s discipline, but should be enough to give the admission committee a good idea of the applicant’s skill level and creative direction. For example, graphic designers might submit 10-15 pieces, sculptors 10 pieces, animators and modelers 3-5 pieces, etc.

Students can be admitted conditionally if the committee feels that the applicant has potential even though lacking in some areas. Conditional class work is not counted toward the degree.


Admission to Candidacy

Students are not candidates for a degree until they have passed a review process. Each student in the M.A. in New Media Studio must pass Candidacy Review and select a graduate committee of at least 3 faculty members. Review for admission to candidacy will take place after the student has completed 18 credit hours of study and is prepared to discuss his or her work, the direction of the final capstone research project, and designate committee members. At least one faculty member on the committee must be from Art and Design and at least one faculty member must be from Digital Media. One member will be designated as the chair of the committee. Faculty members from other departments are eligible to serve on the committee. The committee chair and other committee members guide the student’s scholarly work for the capstone project.


Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students are required to have finished the following:

  • 33 credit hours of required class work (see curriculum below).
  • Final exhibition of creative work. As would be expected in an interdisciplinary degree, the exhibition may be in many different forms. Each student works with her/his committee to determine a suitable venue.
  • Capstone Paper. This paper describes the artwork, processes, methods, and the digital and artistic landscape in which the capstone project takes place.
  • Capstone Presentation. This is a professional presentation of the paper and artwork to the student’s graduate committee and others.

M.A. in New Media Studio: 33 Credit Hours