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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reading, M.A. (Storytelling Concentration)

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General Program Information

Graduate School Contact:

Fiona Goodyear; goodyear@etsu.edu; 423-439-6148

Karin J. Keith, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator, Reading Education Concentration

409B Warf-Pickel Hall
Box 70684
(423) 439-7910
e-mail: keithkj@etsu.edu

If Coordinator is unavailable, contact Dr. Rhona Hurwitz, Department Chair.

Joseph Sobol, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator, Storytelling Concentration

205D Warf-Pickel Hall
Box 70684
(423) 439-7683
e-mail: sobol@etsu.edu

Rhona Hurwitz, Ed.D., Chair

401A Warf-Pickel Hall
Box 70684
(423) 439-7598
e-mail: hurwitz@etsu.edu


Martha Collins; Ed Dwyer; Rosalind Gann;Karin Keith; Jane Melendez; Delanna Reed; Joseph Sobol.

Storytelling Concentration

Joseph Sobol, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator

205D Warf-Pickel Hall
Box 70684
(423) 439-7863
e-mail: sobol@etsu.edu

The purpose of the graduate program in Storytelling is to provide necessary educational experiences for those who are preparing themselves to use Storytelling as a part of their endeavors. Teachers and librarians from the field of education and a widely varied group from outside education that could include, but not be limited to, professional storytellers, ministers, physicians, attorneys, and any who wish to use storytelling as a major part of their vocations or avocations would be included. Elements of the program are offered through activities of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) and the International Storytelling Center (ISC).

Admission Requirements—Each applicant for admission to a master’s degree program must have earned a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate academic discipline from a regionally accredited college or university before the application will be considered. Each applicant for admission must meet all general university requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and departmental criteria as published elsewhere.

Degree Requirements—Graduate majors in Storytelling may choose the thesis option with a minimum of 30 credit-hours, or the coursework option with a minimum of 36 credit-hours. All storytelling majors shall be required to complete READ 5147, READ 5190 , READ 5890, READ 5230, READ 5241 , and EDFN 5950  (or approved substitution). Additional credits should be earned from the list of approved electives or other courses approved by the student’s advisor.

Course Requirements

Total Core Hours: 9 Credit Hours

Total Concentration Hours: 9 Credit Hours

Thesis Option

Total Hours Required (Thesis): 30 Credit Hours

Non-Thesis Option

Total Hours Required (Non-Thesis): 36 Credit Hours

Additional Information

Master of Arts degree requirements to establish writing competencies of students are:

  1. The production of a research prospectus including review of literature through EDFN 5950 ;
  2. The production of a story performance (to be recorded on videotape for departmental files); and
  3. The successful completion of oral comprehensive examinations.

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