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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology, M.S. (Engineering Technology Concentration)

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General Program Information

Graduate School Contact:

Kimberly Brockman; brockmank@etsu.edu; 423-439-6165

Michael Seek, Graduate Coordinator for Digital Media, Engineering Technology, and Entrepreneurial Leadership

208 Wilson-Wallis Hall
Box 70552
(423) 439-7811 Fax: (423) 439-7750
e-mail: seekmw@etsu.edu


William Blanton; Hugh Broome; Dennis Coffey; Cheryl Cornett; Andrew Czuchry; Todd Emma; Martin Fitzgerald; Garth Ghearing; William Hemphill; Jin Hong; Jonathan Hounshell; Keith Johnson; Kenneth Kellogg; James Livingston; Charles Parker; Hugh Rogers; Michael Seek; Joseph Sims; Jerry Taylor; Primus Tillman; Mohammad Uddin; John Vaglia; James Wronecki; Marian Young.

The Master of Science in technology explores the technologies found in our industrial society, such as implementation and utilization of machines, materials, software, and other technical means, as well as the relation of those elements and systems to human beings, society, and the culture. This program offers three concentrations: engineering technology, digital media, and entrepreneurial leadership.

The concentration in engineering technology includes coursework in quality management, project management, and continuous quality improvement. Advanced work in the technical options (such as electronics and manufacturing) can be taken along with relevant courses in management, business administration, computer science, and mathematics.

The digital media concentration provides instruction in the latest techniques of animation, 3D visualization, digital video, interactive multimedia, and digital media project and process management. For more information and examples of student work, visit the web site http://digm.etsu.edu.

The Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration was formed to provide our graduate students with skills that will help them thrive in the global economy of the twenty first century. The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration is to respond to the ever-increasing need for entrepreneurial leadership skills in the commercialization of innovative technology, and to respond to the broader application of entrepreneurial thinking in existing technology based businesses, health care and higher education. This program is designed to provide the innovative, prudent risk-taker with a practical approach for commercializing innovative technology and for creating wealth by finding implementation methods for transforming creative ideas into value producing technology based business models. In this context wealth can be measured in financial terms or in terms of value added in a social or not-for-profit scenario.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. An undergraduate major or minor in a technically related area.
  2. An undergraduate course in probability and statistics.
  3. An overall GPA of 3.0.

Engineering Technology Concentration

Faculty: *See Technology 

The Engineering Technology Concentration is for students who plan to become, or are now, involved in supervising or coordinating workers, materials, and equipment in a production system, or who are resolving technical problems related to the courses offered. Individuals completing the program should be qualified to deal with tooling, methods, planning, quality control and reliability, and management aspects of production in manufacturing and other industries.

Concentration Requirements

Students in the Engineering Technology Concentration may select either the thesis option, which requires 30 semester hours, including ENTC 5960 -Thesis, or the non-thesis option, which requires 36 semester hours, including ENTC 5800 -Strategic Experience. Upon completion of either option, the student must take a comprehensive examination.

All engineering technology concentration students must complete the coursework indicated below:

Total Core Hours: 12

Total Hours Required for Degree: 30-36 Credit Hours


The remainder of the required graduate hours will be chosen with the guidance and approval of the student’s graduate committee to provide advanced education experiences related to the student’s career goals.

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