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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appalachian Studies Minor

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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Appalachian Studies

Appalachian Studies Program Information

Ron Roach, Ph.D., Chair
304 Memorial Hall (Brooks Gym)
Box 70435
(423) 439-7494
e-mail: roachr@etsu.edu

The Appalachian Studies Minor is an 18-hour, interdisciplinary program for students who would like to gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of the Appalachian region. This knowledge is useful for people planning to pursue careers in fields such as public health, medicine, teaching, non-profit work, social work, or any endeavor that brings them in contact with people in Appalachia.  Majors for which this minor is especially suitable include but are not limited to history, English, sociology, anthropology, bluegrass, nursing, public health, social work, and communications.

The minor requires a core of six credit hours and 12 credit hours of guided electives. Core courses examine Appalachia’s culture, environment, economy, and politics both historically and currently. Electives allow students to delve more deeply into the region’s literature, art, music, folklore, religion, coal, flora, fauna, and other topics.  Students are required to take courses in at least two different departments. No more than three credit hours taken as part of the Appalachian Studies minor may be counted toward a major in any field.  Because courses may be selected from several different departments, students are encouraged to meet with the Appalachian Studies Minor director for advisement regarding class sequences and frequency of offerings and to design a thematic course grouping that suits their personal interests. Students wishing to explore the Scottish and Irish heritage of the Appalachian region should consult with the Appalachian, Scottish and Irish Studies program director (423) 439-7992. 

Appalachian Studies Minor: 18 Credit Hours

A minor is a secondary area of study outside of the major program of study with a structured curriculum composed of at least 18 semester credit hours of which at least 9 hours must be at the 3000-level or above.

Guided Electives (12 Credit Hours selected from the following):


* Between these two courses, no more than six hours can count toward the minor.
** No more than six credit hours of BLUE can count toward the Appalachian Studies minor.

Other seminars, independent studies, topics courses, and problems courses, including 4956 summer offerings, may be counted toward the minor when the topic is Appalachian (must have approval of the director of the APST advisor).

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