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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SOWK 4451 - Field Education Practicum I

(3 credits)
Prerequisites: Admission requires senior status, departmental approval, completion of all General Education and SOWK 3000 SOWK 3300 SOWK 3310 SOWK 3430 . Overall GPA of 2.25 and SOWK GPA of 2.5 are also required. Corequisites: SOWK 4330 , SOWK 4454 . Field Education Practicum I is the first module of the Field Education Practicum sequence. Under the supervision of a professional social worker students are required to spend 16 hours per week for 11 weeks in a community agency. A minimum of 185 practicum hours in a community agency are required to successfully complete this course. Field Education Practicum I must be taken concurrently with SOWK 4454  and SOWK 4330 .

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