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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy Studies, B.S.

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ETSU offers an articulated degree program in pharmacy studies wherein a student who begins the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program without an existing baccalaureate degree can earn a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies.  Foundational pharmacy courses comprising the first year of pharmacy school apply toward the credits for both the undergraduate and the professional degree.  These credits serve as the major for the undergraduate degree.

Students applying for the articulated program are required to have been accepted for admission and matriculated into the Gatton College of Pharmacy.  Interested students meeting those requirements should contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the Gatton College of Pharmacy.

Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Studies Program Information

Box 70414
Phone (423) 439-6338

Room 212, Building 7, VA Medical Center
Web Address:



Pharmacy Studies focuses on the basic sciences that underlie drugs and drug therapy.  This nonlicensure degree prepares individuals for advanced studies that may lead to becoming a pharmacist, or for careers in pharmaceutical science and research, pharmaceutical administration and sales, biotechnology, drug manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and related fields. Includes instruction in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and toxicology, dosage formulation, manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulations.


Students interested in the BS in Pharmacy Studies should contact:

Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, Office of Student Affairs (423) 439-6338 or visit GCOP website (

Special Admission Requirements

Admission to Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy at East Tennessee State University is based on a competitive selection process involving applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission. Prospective students should have competitive grade point averages and Pharmacy College Admission Test score.  Students should refer to the Gatton College of Pharmacy website ( for information about admission requirements and the application process.

TBR General Education Requirements: 41 Credit Hours

Listed below are the categories and courses specified under TBR General Education Requirements. Note that certain courses are required for this degree, specific to this major. Thus, these courses will satisfy both a TBR General Education requirement AND a requirement of this major. (Other majors may require different General Education courses.) Where specific courses are required for this major,  only those courses are listed under the category. If there are no specific major requirements for a category, all course options appear.


9 credits, consisting of 6 credits of written composition and 3 credits of oral communication.

Written Composition

Complete both of the following: 

Oral Communication

Complete one of the following:

Humanities and Fine Arts

9 credits, consisting of 3 credits of literature, 3 credits of fine arts, and 3 credits of humanities electives.


6 credits, consisting of both of the following:


Students will enroll in the appropriate general education math course during their first calendar year of enrollment at ETSU. Students required to complete learning support in mathematics must enroll in a learning support-designated section (L01-L99) of MATH 1530  during their first 15 hours at ETSU (not including summer) unless they are also required to complete learning support in reading or writing. Students needing learning support in reading or writing in addition to learning support in math should enroll in MATH 1530-Lxx immediately upon completing their other learning support requirements. Additional information may be found on the University Advisement Center website

Electives: 10-11 credit hours

Students with sufficient hours upon entry may transfer courses to meet this requirement provided the courses were completed at a senior-level institution; otherwise students may complete additional pharmacy courses to satisfy this requirement.

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