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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Minor

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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Literature and Language


Box 70312
Phone: (423) 439-4264
Web Address:

The Department of Literature and Language offers courses in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish designed to give the student a working knowledge of a language in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and to help create in students an appreciation and understanding of languages and cultures other than their own. In addition to the cultural objective and personal satisfaction, the student will find that foreign language study is an aid in scientific study, business, foreign trade, travel, and international politics.

Several programs of study leading to the B.A. in foreign languages are available. The traditional major, with concentrations in French, German, or Spanish, emphasizes the liberal arts training needed in a variety of jobs. These include library or museum work, general business, and teaching. These curricula are designed to help prepare students for employment in fields where knowledge of a foreign language is of particular advantage. In addition to the General Education Core Requirements, there are degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences outlined in the earlier pages of this section.

Placement-Placement in the appropriate level of foreign language, for those students with prior language experience entering ETSU, will be determined pursuant to the published policy statement of the Department of Literature and Language at ETSU. The statement is available on the departmental web site as well as from university offices such as the Advisement Resources Career Center. It is reprinted below:

Placement Policy
Department of Literature and Language

Students with no experience in a foreign language are encouraged to register in 1010. For students with prior experience in a foreign language, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. French, German or Spanish:
  1. All other languages:
  • See the instructor of that language for placement.

A minimum grade of C- (70%) is required in 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020 to be able to take the next level of class in any foreign language. A student who gets any grade from D+ (69%) to F (59% and below) will have to retake that particular course in order to advance to the next level.

Laboratory Requirements-As part of the requirements for course credit for the 1000 and 2000 levels of foreign language study, students must complete online language laboratory work as assigned by instructor.

Foreign Students-International students whose native language is not English and whose admission to ETSU requires them to take a standardized test of English as a foreign language (e.g., TOEFL) may substitute scores that meet the admissions requirements for the foreign language requirement. Transfer Students-Students transferring to ETSU and wishing to receive a major or a minor in a foreign language must complete at least 12 hours of upper division courses for the major or nine hours of upper division courses for the minor at ETSU.


Students with 0-59 earned credit hours:

Contact the Center for Advisement and Student Excellence (CASE) to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  Visit the CASE website (http://www.etsu.edu/cas/case/) or call (423) 439-5602.

Students with 60 or more earned credit hours:

Contact Dr. Matthew Fehskens [fehskens@etsu.edu; (423) 439-6631] for a referral to a faculty advisor.

Transfer Students

Transfer students majoring in German should contact Dr. Heil for advising as soon as possible. This will ensure that the student’s previous work will be coordinated efficiently with ETSU requirements.

Students transferring to ETSU and wishing to receive a major or a minor in a foreign language must complete at least 12 hours of upper division courses for the major or nine hours of upper division courses for the minor at ETSU.

For general information about the department or courses, contact Dr. Katherine Weiss, Chair [weisk01@etsu.edu; (423) 439-4347].


Spanish Minor: 21 Credit Hours

The proposed curriculum for the Spanish Minor requires 21 credit hours above the 2000 level. Each course is three (3) credit hours. There are nine (9) required credit hours in Spanish, three (3) credit hours of a Spanish Civilization or Survey elective, and nine (9) credit hours of Spanish electives, at least three (3) credits of which must come from a course in Applied Spanish. Courses beyond the required classes are selected in consultation with the student’s advisor, based on relevance to the student’s background and interests.

Spanish Electives: 9 credit hours

At least 3 of which must come from Applied Spanish*, indicated with an asterisk.

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