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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical and Medieval Studies Minor

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Classical Studies Minor Program Information

PO Box 70683
Phone: (423) 439-6668
Web Address: www.etsu.edu/cas/litlang/classicalstudiesminor/

Dr. Thomas Crofts
email: crofts@etsu.edu

The Classical and Medieval Studies Minor offers undergraduates at ETSU a platform for the study of the languages, literatures and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, the Latin Middle Ages, and the Jewish and Christian societies of the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East.

Grounded in the study of one of three languages-Ancient Greek, Latin, or Hebrew-and interdisciplinary by nature, the Classical and Medieval Studies Minor offers a rigorous, well-rounded course which, in the best tradition of the liberal arts, complements any major field of study at ETSU. Also, the study of classical languages is itself one of the most effective ways to sharpen English skills, giving polish to spelling, grammar, and rhetoric. Finally, for students applying to post-graduate programs-whether in humanities, medicine, law, or the sciences-a background in classics has been shown to strengthen one’s candidacy for admission.

With a requirement of two semesters of language study at the 2000 level, and one required special topics course, the Minor allows the student to pursue nine further credits of electives, taking courses in art, philosophy, history, religion, and literature. Thus, within its own set of requirements, the Minor may be shaped to the particular interests of the student.

Classical and Medieval Studies Minor: 18 credits

At least 9 credits must be at the 3000-level or above.

Required Courses: 9 credits

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