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2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Geosciences, M.S. (Paleontology Concentration)

General Program Information

Dr. Chris Gregg, Graduate Coordinator
303 Ross Hall 
Box 70357
(423) 439-7526

Web address: www.etsu.edu/cas/geosciences/

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Geosciences is February 1 for entry in the fall (August). Applications are not accepted for entry in the spring (January).

Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, students applying for admission to graduate study in Geosciences must:

  • have a bachelor’s degree in a geosciences (or related) discipline;
  • have a 3.0 overall grade point average (4.0 system) in undergraduate course work;
  • have three letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf from previous professors or employers;
  • submit a two-page letter that discusses career goals and specific academic and research interests (email the letter to edwardag@etsu.edu); and
  • submit a resume.

All application materials must be sent to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies. The School of Graduate Studies will forward applications to the Department of Geosciences once the application is complete.

Articulation Agreement

A student who completes the Graduate Certificate in GIS and later wishes to pursue the M.S. in Geosciences may apply all 12 credits into the master’s program with approval of the M.S. Geosciences graduate coordinator and the School of Graduate Studies. All credit, however, must meet GPA requirements and must be within the six-year matriculation limit.

Geosciences, M.S. Degree Requirements: 30-33 credits

Core Requirements 9 credits
Concentration 11 credits
Advisor Approved Electives 7 credits
Thesis 3-6 credits
TOTAL 30-33 credits

Geosciences Core Requirements: 9 credits

Paleontology Concentration: 11 credits

Advisor Approved Electives: 7 credits

Graduate-level GEOS courses; or other graduate courses approved by advisor.

Thesis: 3-6 credits