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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major, B.A. (Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration)

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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychology

Psychology Program Information

Box 70649
Phone: (423) 439-4424
Web Address: www.etsu.edu/cas/psychology

The primary goals of the Department of Psychology are to encourage and support the scientific investigation of behavior and mental processes. The department’s undergraduate curriculum provides general and intensive courses of study within psychology, with concentrations in general psychology, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive science, clinical psychological science, and child psychological science. All programs of study provide a well-rounded education within psychology, both for students interested in pursuing post-baccalaureate employment in psychological and human service related professions, and for students interested in pursuing postgraduate study in psychology and related fields.

In addition to the requirements listed, a student majoring in psychology must complete requirements for the General Education Core and the College of Arts and Sciences requirements for the B.A. or B.S., listed in this catalog under the College of Arts and Sciences.

Advising–Academic and professional advising is recommended for all psychology majors. Psychology majors with fewer than 60 credit hours are advised in the Advisement Resource Center (ARC) in the Culp Center. After attaining 60 hours, students should visit the psychology office to be assigned an advisor. Students are expected to read the catalog to determine requirements for the degree they are seeking. Students are responsible for knowing the program requirements.

Graduate Study–The Department of Psychology offers a master of arts degree in psychology with a concentration in experimental psychology, as well as a Ph.D. in psychology with a concentration in clinical psychology. Further information on graduate programs is provided in the Graduate Catalog.


General Program Information

To earn a degree from ETSU, there are specific course requirements put forth by ETSU, by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), by each college, and by each department. All students must meet the degree requirements at each of these levels. Please follow the format below:

University-level Degree and Graduation Requirements

Total Credit Hours for Degree: 120

College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Degree Requirements

Students majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences must meet the following requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Some requirements must be taken in addition to the General Education Core, whereas others specify which courses from the General Education Core must be taken.

Foreign Languages Completion of a foreign language course numbered 2020 or above with a grade of C- or better * **
Mathematics Specified General Education Core: MATH 1530  or MATH 1910 
Non-U.S. History 3 credit hours
Natural Sciences General Education Core
Social and Behavioral Sciences General Education Core


* International Students whose native language is not English, and whose admission to ETSU requires them to take a standardized test of English as a foreign language (e.g., TOEFL), may substitute scores that meet the admission requirements for the foreign language requirement.
** Consult the Literature and Language Department’s placement policy listed at  www.etsu.edu/cas/litlang/documents/foreignlanguagerequirement.pdf and in the listing for Foreign Languages in this catalog.


TBR General Education Requirements: 41 - 42 Credit Hours

Below you will see the categories and courses specified under TBR General Education Requirements. Note that certain courses are required for this degree, specific to this major. Thus, these courses will satisfy both a TBR General Education requirement AND a requirement of this major. (Other majors may require different General Education courses.) Where specific courses are required for this major, we only list those courses under the category. If there are no specific major requirements for a category, all course options appear.


9 credits, consisting of 6 credits of written composition and 3 credits of oral communication.

Written Composition

Complete both of the following: 

Oral Communication

Complete one of the following:

Humanities and Fine Arts

9 credits, consisting of 3 credits of literature, 3 credits of fine arts, and 3 credits of humanities electives.


6 credits, consisting of both of the following:

Natural Sciences

8 credits, consisting of two of the following (some require labs which are listed directly after the lecture):

(Note: Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in the College of Arts and Sciences must select 8 credit hours in a SINGLE laboratory science. Please see listing in College of Arts and Sciences B.S. Degree Requirements for options.)


Students eligible to enroll in this math course must do so during their first calendar year of enrollment or prior to accumulating 33 semester credits at ETSU.

Complete one of the following:

Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration

Core Allied Requirements for All Psychology Concentrations: 9 Credit Hours


* May count toward general education requirements.

Total for Core Allied Hours: 9 credits

Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration:

Take one of the following: *


* Other courses may be accepted with the approval of the Department of Psychology chair.


*May count toward general education requirements or electives.

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 120 Credit Hours

General Education: 41-42 Credit Hours *

Research: **

Psychology Core: 32 Credit Hours

Allied Core: 6 Credit Hours

B.A./B.S. Requirements: 6 Credit Hours

Concentration: 10-37 Credit Hours

Minor Requirements: 0-24 Credit Hours ***

Electives: 0-28

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 120 Credit Hours **

* Satisfies TBR General Education Requirements.

** Included within program requirements.

*** Some concentrations have a built-in minor.

Additional Information

Click here to view the Suggested Course Sequence for all B.S. Psychology Majors .

No grade below a C will be accepted in psychology major courses.

Psychology majors also are required to complete a minor in another discipline. Students completing the following concentrations will automatically complete the coursework sufficient for the indicated minor:

Concentration Minor
Behavioral Neuroscience Biological Sciences
Cognitive Science Philosophy
Clinical Psychology Sociology
Child Psychological Science Early Childhood Development


Teaching Program Information

Teacher Education–Students interested in pursuing a teacher education program for certification as a psychology teacher in grades 7-12 are asked to contact the area psychology advisor in the Office of Student Services, 321 Warf-Pickel Hall, College of Education.

Pre-Teacher Education–Declaration of Intent-All ETSU students desiring to complete a teacher education or other public school licensure program (for initial licensure,  add-on endorsement, or advanced study in education) must file a Declaration of Intent in the Office of Student Services, 321 Warf-Pickel Hall. The Declaration of Intent  should be filed before 30 credit hours of coursework have been completed or, in the case of transfer and post-baccalaureate students, in the first semester at ETSU. Delay or failure to file the Declaration of Intent may result in incomplete advisement. Students who have not filed the Declaration of Intent will not be considered for admission to  teacher education and may be ineligible to enroll in many professional education courses.

Please refer to the Professional Education Requirement  section in the Department of Education in this catalog for a list of the required courses.

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