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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Admission Requirements

To pursue the PharmD/MBA, students must have been admitted to the Gatton College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy program and completed their first year in that program. Admission to the PharmD or MBA program does not guarantee admission to the PharmD/MBA program. Students pursuing the PharmD/MBA programs must be concurrently enrolled in both programs. Students in the PharmD/MBA will be held to the retention and graduation standards of each respective program. To be awarded both degrees, the students must complete the graduation requirements of both the PharmD and MBA degree programs. (Students may earn the articulated MBA without having completed the PharmD.)

Applicants must hold a bachelors degree or higher. Application requirements for the PharmD program are listed in the Gatton College of Pharmacy Catalog. Application to the MBA program must be made through the ETSU School of Graduate Studies. Applicants must supply a personal essay of 150-300 words detailing their reasons for pursuing the PharmD/MBA programs. The GMAT is not necessary for entry into the PharmD/MBA program. It is replaced by the entrance examination for the PharmD program (PCAT).

Applicants must send a letter to the Assistant Dean of Admissions of the Gatton College of Pharmacy requesting that the following application materials be sent to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies: (1) their PharmCAS application and (2) all transcripts, including proof of a bachelor’s degree, from a regionally accredited college or university.

PharmD applicants who are accepted into the MBA program and who do not have an undergraduate degree in a business field must successfully complete a self-guided online module-based program prior to enrolling in any of the following courses: BADM 5150 BADM 5180 BADM 5430 BADM 5500 , and/or MKTG 5217 . Access to the online modules will be available upon acceptance to the PharmD/MBA program.

Below, an asterisk [*] represents MBA courses, with additional explanation shown in parentheses [()].

PharmD Courses

Students complete all PharmD courses as outlined in the Gatton College of Pharmacy catalog.

MBA Courses

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